Nurturing our Humanity.

“Rather than viewing societies through the lenses of familiar social categories such as religious versus secular, Eastern versus Western, rightist versus leftist, or capitalist versus socialist, which only describe a particular aspect of society, the Biocultural Partnership-Domination Lens uses two larger cultural configurations at opposite ends of a continuum: the partnership system and the domination system.” Riane Eisler and Douglas P. Fry

Picking up on evidence presented by Eisler and Fry, Nurturing our Humanity shows how peaceful partnership societies existed globally for thousands of years, Coleman adds: “So many smart people that I talk to believe humans have always been violent, and that there has always been war. But, there’s a lot of evidence that this is just not true. And there is also plenty of evidence that during those times, men and women lived together as equals and that, in many societies, the Divine was often a revered goddess, and maybe even a super sexy one”.

The pleasure centers in our brain light up more when we share than when we win.Riane Eisler



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